🌈🦋 ‘This thing called life’ 🦋🌈

‘Looking Back’ from the album by Juanita Wynn

‘Every moment from your broken heart it can turn your scar into a star’ 🌟

I love this track 😍 a beautiful gospel song with a description of the journey of life.

Along my journey I have always said I have no regrets, regardless of the outcome. I just don’t do ‘regrets’. I strongly believe that whatever decision I make, it was right at the time it was made -therefore ‘regrets’ have no room in my mind…

I often ask myself If I would ‘dance’ all over again with my ‘clinic dancing partner’ if life could be replayed in the Cancer clinic?

Minus the Cancer, the answer is yes, a beautiful soul…☺️🥰🦋🌈🌟❤️


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