Thank you for the signals

I know it was you

You were one of the kindest spirited individuals I have ever known. In life you sought peace and balance until you learned how to be the best of you with people you came into contact with. Nobody is perfect but you learned the art of following a good practice.

Rest well, I am ok ☺️


🦋 I miss you ðŸ¦‹

I have heard that whilst grieving it gets easier, it doesn’t- you learn ways of coping with living with your loss.

You were a wise head who knew how to advise people. In my head, right now you are still there. I can hear you and at times I know when you are around. It isn’t every day and not in all instances but you make it obvious to me.

I have heard and read about a type of light which presents itself after a person dies. It is all very intriguing and new to me. I still look at your photos and watch your videos, these bring me a sense of peace where there is turbulence.

Rest well 🦋🥰