The name ‘Bean Head’ is in no way intended to be disrespectful or hurtful to anyone. You see the name ‘Bean Head’ was created by me, for me when I was approximately 13 years old. I once wrote a letter to my cousin during the school half term holiday and signed it off ‘Your Bean Head cousin’. A few years ago my cousin sent me a photo of the letter and we are now both in our 40s! Wow! How ironic that I am now being checked out for a Pituitary mass which is sitting in the Pituitary Fossa and trying to make its way outwards to heavens knows where! It is ironic that the Pituitary is shaped like a ‘bean’.

I hope this explains why I have chosen the name ‘The Bean head Chronicles for the name of my blog. My username is also an affectionate name my cousin chose for me many many years ago – a derivative of my actual name.

Here goes..enjoy!

Update I also have Neuroendocrine Cancer aka Nets.

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