🦋 ‘That’s when I Knew’ 🦋

By Alicia Keys

‘Right there, in the middle of a conversation
Wasn’t anything special you said, it was just there
Right then, I didn’t have time, even to overthink it
I looked at you and all of a sudden I was all in it’s like my knees are all weak and the butterflies,
They were dancing, taking all of my air
From that moment on it was very clear

That’s when I knew I fell in love, that’s when I knew you were the one
That’s when I knew you stole my heart away from me
That’s when I knew that I was sunk, that was the moment that I knew I was in love
That’s when I knew, that’s when I knew…’

We met on the 4th July. I will never forget. I still miss you every day. Your kindness, laughter, fun and curiosity of life. Cancer took you away physically from this earth in 2019 but you will remain in my heart and mind forever 🦋💕

My Clinic Dancing Partner, I hope you can hear me, see me and walk with me… 🦋💕🎸

Cancer is a Dancing Queen © 2021

🦋🦋 Are you near me?🦋🦋

I need to ask, are you close by my ‘Clinic Dancing Partner?’🦋❤️

My energy this morning is unreal! I don’t know if it is due to the Mindfulness session I attended yesterday or you or both!

Whatever, whoever, however this ‘zing’ of energy can be attributed I am eternally grateful. I accept it with real gratitude. My mind seems clear, refreshed and ready to go!

Where’s my passport? Let’s go!😂🥰✨🦋❤️🎒🧳👜👠👒🌴🌞🍸🍱💻

River Danube in Hungary -My own photo

☺️ ‘Diary of a Nettie’☺️

No track…

Life really is like a box of chocolates as quoted in the movie, Forest Gump. Although we do not know what is inside each chocolate unless we review the chocolate descriptions inside the box, we still go forward and take a chance. We do not evaluate and re-evaluate for too long before putting the chocolate out of it’s misery! 😂 😋 🍫

If only we could see inside the chocolate without needing to review the descriptions. If only we could exist as human beings without needing to constantly review and evaluate our existence. If only life really was as simple as choosing our favourite chocolate out of a box.

What would you choose?

🎸🥰🦋 ‘Inside your head’ 🦋🥰🎸

By Nia Andrews

‘You walk the line and draw your space the world can be unkind a never-ending January rain

I can get inside your head
When everyone else is just giving you promises
And I can be your place to go
A summer holiday just like the ones we used to know

I can get inside your head
I can get inside your head

You thought you had a braver braver skin
That funny tale to self you find has grown so paper thin

For the last week or so my diary has been written without the track being played at the time. It hasn’t worked well. This morning I reverted back and everything came to life in my earphones, you, life, self-expression. It all returned.

This track is really deep, soulful, the guitar playing sultry sounds in the background. The truth is, unless we are operating deep inside each other’s minds we exist in a superficial bubble. To know ourselves, to truly know and begin to understand one another, we need to get inside each other’s minds. From here we can build on the multiple layers required for deep, meaningful relationships. Inside the ‘mind’ of this beautiful track I can feel your presence, I can hear and visualise you playing your beloved guitar. You found it very easy to get inside the minds of people you connected with. There was no trickery, just simple use of the human ability to apply the law of attraction on a deeper level. That thing called psychology.

I will never forget you. You touched my life in a way that makes forgetting you impossible ☺️🎸🦋❤️

You are deep ‘inside my head’ 🥰

🦋🦋 ‘We won’t move’ 🦋🦋

By Arlissa

‘Let’s go step by step
And brick by brick
I’ll carry the weight
For you
When I’m gone, don’t stop
We can stand here all day
We won’t move
No, not at all’

This is for the warrior in you!

I recall your stories of you not being afraid to challenge people and/or in situations that I would never be brave enough to undertake. I saw you in action on my behalf when I would choose to let it go – you would not! This track is about your incredible bravery and your continuous fight against injustice. Who on earth visits another country and decides to challenge their norm? Only you 😂☺️ I wish I was brave like you, I really do. You had that gallant stature and outlook in life.

You had that ‘we won’t move’ attitude deeply embedded in you. You were simply, you and I miss you so much ❤️🦋❤️🦋❤️🦋❤️🦋❤️🦋❤️🦋

🥰🦋 ‘Made to love you’ 🦋🥰

By Jean Baylor

‘I don’t how I came to this

But I’m glad for this

I was made to love you

I was made to love you

How does a love like this make it through every tear?

No regrets, cos you see

I was made to love you’

Nothing else to say, it’s that simple today…🦋

I know you would find this photo and the words attached, so funny! ☺️🤣 I miss our humorous connection 😔🦋

❤️❤️🦋 ‘Deja Vu (I’ve been here before)’ 🦋❤️❤️

By Teena Marie

‘I’m young and I’m old
I’m rich and I’m poor
I feel like I’ve been on this earth many times before
Once I was a white Gazelle
On horse back riding free
Searching in the darkness for a piece of me
I can feel this for sure
I’ve been here before
I can feel this for sure for sure
I’ve been here before
Indeed it feels like this was not your first visit, neither your last. In your world this was your belief. In mine I call it Deja Vu, something I have experienced more than once. 🦋
The level of wisdom you imparted was extraordinary. This doesn’t mean perfection, but the simple knowledge that life is a collection of moments, mistakes, lessons learned and wisdom gained. I loved the way you accepted and acknowledged this, you were very open in this respect. Nobody is without fault, mankind in its entirety is not flawless. Sometimes it is hard to accept how we see ourselves, acknowledge how others see us, often with devastating consequences. In the deepest of moments we need to ask ourselves, does it really matter? Why should it matter and whom should it matter to? The truth is we must begin with ourselves. Nobody else. It’s that simple. There are some of us who impart wisdom on a frightening level, so wise that you really do ask yourself, is it wisdom or is it Deja Vu?
‘Or have you simply been here before?’ …🦋❤️🦋
Rest in peace, love ‘Chernobyl’ x

🦋🦋 ‘Neither one of us’ 🦋🦋

By Gladys Knight & The Pips

‘I keep wondering
What I’m gonna do without you
And I guess you must be wondering the same thing too
So we go on
Go on together
Living a lie
Because I guess neither one of us
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye’
At times I wondered if you ever felt scared like I did about pursuing our friendship when we knew your prognosis was not positive.
I never told you how terrified I was at times. Screaming inside that I never ever wanted you to go – never. At times I cried my heart out because I knew deep down that this would be inevitable. As inevitable as it was, it was not welcomed nor easy to deal with. In my mind I just pretended that this was not the case even though outwardly I tried my best to be practical. Relationships like ours do not come around every week, they are a once in a lifetime connection. This connection was like no other I had ever experienced. It felt like it was being directed by something far more superior to mankind. I just cannot explain what I mean. At times I looked at you in complete silence, listening to you but observing every moment with real detail. I did not want to ever forget any part of who you were. A wonderfully charged and animated human being with such love for the world he was visiting. I know you had your own personal fears but I don’t know for sure how you truly felt about knowing you would be leaving, leaving our friendship behind. Both of us had Cancer but with you being in a very different position.
Neither one of us wanted to be the first to say goodbye…❤️🦋❤️

🦋 ‘How do I live’ 🦋

By LeAnn Rimes

‘Without you
There would be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
There’d be no world left for me
And I, baby, I don’t know what I would do
I’d be lost if I lost you

It doesn’t get easier as time passes by, somehow you just get by.

At times it is lovely to revisit photos and videos, they bring tremendous joy. If I look at these another time it brings nothing but heartache wrapped in tears.

Cancer has a lot to answer for I didn’t realise what a profound effect our relationship had on me until now. 😭💔🦋🎸

If I have to live without you what kind of life will I live…