I’m back!

‘Where do broken hearts go?’

Where do I begin?

So as you all know I was recovering from. Pituitary Macroadenoma following surgery in 2016. Later that year I started to experience serious abdominal pains near my liver. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up in A&E thinking I was going to die! I really thought someone was calling me home!!! After 5 days admission for investigation the medics decided that I had Cholcystitis! I had no such thing!!! It took the beady eyes of a young Ultrasound Radiographer to spot what looked like a benign lesion on my liver. He brought in his supervisor to scan me too and they both thought I needed further analysis. I will be forever thankful for their exceptional care and their paying attention to detail.

Anyway the clinic scanned me for one year stating the lesion was benign. Before I was transferred to another liver clinic the new consultant insisted that I had a biopsy. Bingo! Within 5 days she rang me on a Friday night to tell me the bad news, it took a further call on a Tuesday for her to confirm that I had Neuroendocrine Cancer aka Nets. So off I went to a specialist hospital to work out a plan. Six months prior to this I had every ‘oscopy’ that you could think of! 😂 All returned a negative result, you have ‘IBS’! I had no such thing…